Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

This year Valentine's Day was different for me. I celebrated it as a married woman. I gotta say...it was a very nice Valentine's Day. My hubby and I went to dinner Saturday nite (just the two of us), and that was a treat in and of itself!!!
Here's what my honey gave me: I got a dozen red roses, some candy, a beautiful necklace and earrings, 3 regular-size cards and one HUGE card. I got him a basket and filled it with: a 2010 Valentine's Day bear, 5 boxes of candy (all different sizes), 3 cards, and 3 bags of various chocolates placed "just so" in the basket. Like I said....it was a very nice Valentine's Day.
My daughter also got us a gift basket (totally shocked me!!!). It had a 6-pack of diet coke, some chocolate chip cookies, a can of pringles, various other chocolate candies, and so much other stuff....we are still snacking on it.
Then, if that wasn't enough....my dad said he had to go to WalMart Sunday afternoon...so my hubby...being the sweet, loving man that he is...took him. They get back and guess what.....my dad gave me a big heart-shaped box of chocolate (he got my sister and sister-n-law one, too)!!
What a great Valentine's Day!!! I could just feel the love!!!! Shot my diet to kingdomcome.....lol But man it was good!!!

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